Larry Dailey



What I Do


Deep-dive methodologies uncover stakeholders' wants and needs.


Proven procedures foster
creativity and spark action.

Prototyping & Testing

Mockups inform invention
and  influence  stakeholders.

The Process

Harnessing Difference


I spark innovation by harnessing thought diversity.

People who are different from each other are, well, different from each other. 

Unless it's managed, thought difference impedes innovation and fosters frustration.  (That's a reason that election politics can be  so confusing!)

But when thought diversity is harnessed, innovation increases exponentially.  

Using iterative research, ideation and prototyping techniques, I maximize possibilities as I help minimize tribalism's tensions  barriers.

Together we ignite new thinking by involving your team, and a range of stakeholders, in the creation process. It works with almost any product or services. I most enjoy working on projects that involve social good.

This process is effective. It is proven.

The button links to a Design Kit video explaining Human-Centered Design.

Diving Deep

Human-Centered Innovation is grounded in building meaningful  connections with customers and stakeholders.

I deeply research customers and help you understand their sometimes unspoken needs – from the their points of view.

This outside-in perspective leads to iterative, playful ideation and rapid prototyping. 

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