What I Do



My deep-dive methodologies uncover customers' hidden needs.



I Facilitate brainstorming that's proven to spark innovation.

Prototyping & Testing


My process generates iterative mockups that inform invention and influence stakeholders.

The Process


Larry uncovers customer needs so that businesses make more money. It's an innovation process that works. And it saves time and money.

Larry observes potential customers and stakeholders in their natural environments. He talks with them, researches them and, most importantly, guides businesses into developing empathy

with them.

From this understanding, insights emerge.

He ignites new thinking by involving your team – and a range of stakeholders – in research, ideating and testing. This process works with almost any product or service.

As your consultant, Larry will guide your organization in fostering deep an understanding of stakeholders, improving prototyping and sparking innovation. 

Diving Deep

Here's usability guru Don Norman explaining the human-centered process.  


About Larry


Larry Dailey is an emeritus professor of journalism at the University of Nevada, Reno. Among the subjects taught were the University’s first courses in Human-Centered Design and Innovation and courses on designing and building Serious Games. 

He's led innovation projects ranging from reinventing journalism and rethinking airplane seating to producing a computer game for people who are blind.

He’s been an assistant professor at Ball State University and Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville and a visiting professor at the University of Missouri. 

Larry was on the Microsoft Campus-based team that launched MSNBC.com and he’s been a picture editor for both the Associated Press and United Press International in Washington.

He holds a master’s degree in communication from Syracuse University and bachelor’s degrees in English and Journalism from the University of Missouri.

Contact Larry

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